Selling the Conscious Way…the High Road to Sales Success


  Where making a sale is not the right intention…

    the Conscious Seller’s intention is to only do business if both

parties are convinced it’s the right thing to do.


“Over the last decade, GuruGanesha has trained thousands of our sales reps. We truly value his client-centered, integrity-based approach to professional selling, which has resulted in numerous positive comments from clients who are grateful for the conscientious and trust-building way our sales reps interact with them. GuruGanesha is truly a legend!”
Tony Rodoni EVP Commercial Sales and WW Enablement

GuruGanesha and Frank Garza

Welcome You!


Welcome to Conscious Selling 


For the first time in sales training history, the fast-paced, visionary ingenuity of the West has been fused with the ancient, yogic wisdom of the East.


Through the lens of this union, our training programs are designed to help sales professionals achieve peak performance through the application of Conscious Selling’s customer-centric, consultative sales methodology, coupled with the development of a personal presence and mindset that builds rapport and trust from the initial point of contact and expands both throughout the customer life cycle. 


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GuruGanesha & Frank Garza

Founders 2017

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