“Over the last decade, GuruGanesha has trained thousands of our sales reps. We truly value his client-centered, integrity-based approach to professional selling, which has resulted in numerous positive comments from clients who are grateful for the conscientious and trust-building way our sales reps interact with them. GuruGanesha is truly a legend!”
Tony Rodoni EVP Commercial Sales and WW Enablement

Corporate In-House Training


Selling the Conscious Way ℠


1. Two Day Boot Camp for Sales Professionals:

This in-house training program is designed to help sales professionals achieve peak performance through the application of Conscious Selling’s customer-centric, consultative sales methodology, coupled with the development of a personal presence and mindset that builds rapport and trust from the initial point of contact, and expands both throughout the customer life cycle.

Click here to see Two Day Boot Camp Training Agenda.


2. Managers Only: Half-Day Overview

In this program, we will present to your management team a high-level overview of all the key concepts, guiding principles, strategies, and tactics of our selling system.

It has been our experience that unless your entire sales management team from front-line to C-Suite has 100% conviction that implementing Conscious Selling is the best way to go, there is no point to roll it out to the field.


3. Reinforcement Training:

Our reinforcement programs are tailored specifically to meet your unique set of requirements. These sessions (via internet or on-site) can be conducted by our trainers, your enablement team (via Licensing), or a combination of both.



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