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“Over the last decade, GuruGanesha has trained thousands of our sales reps. We truly value his client-centered, integrity-based approach to professional selling, which has resulted in numerous positive comments from clients who are grateful for the conscientious and trust-building way our sales reps interact with them. GuruGanesha is truly a legend!”


Tony Rodoni
EVP Commercial Sales and WW Enablement

“My experience with Conscious Selling was very positive and I recommend this elite team to each C-suite executive I meet when we discuss successful selling techniques. With decades of experience, Frank Garza is an amazing trainer who truly cares about the education and success of his student sales-trainees.”


Eliana Karlsson
Director of Financial Services
“The training I received from GuruGanesha and Frank was critical to my development and success as a business strategist. After completing business school at Harvard, I needed the hands-on sales training expertise of Frank Garza to prepare me to build relationships, develop sales techniques, and have the personal discipline to become effective when selling to the C-suite.”


Mary McGinn
Rhodes Scholar & Business Strategiest