We believe that the skillful application of Conscious Selling’s customer centric, integrity based sales methodology is the most direct route to sales success and peace of mind.

Our purpose is to enable sales professionals to achieve new levels of success by inspiring them to ‘Sell the Conscious Way’.



Core Values

Power of Belief

  • Our Actions are a manifestation of our Beliefs.


Inside Job

  • We believe that all the wisdom of the universe is contained within each heart.

  • We believe that if you are a beacon of goodwill, all good things will flow your way.


Intention Transforms

  • Attention energizes, Intention transforms*, Visualization crystallizes. (*credit to Deepak Chopra)

  • We believe the right intention for a sales call is to only do business if both parties are convinced it’s the right thing to do.


Be Real

  • Personal presence is the #1 determining factor in sales success. Make sure your personal presence works for you, not against you.


Whom do you Trust?

  • We believe that people do business with people they like and trust. The best way to build trust is to be trustworthy.


Honesty Works Best

  • The 9 most important words in professional sales: ‘I don’t know yet if we’re right for you’.


Lead for the Benefit of Both Parties

  • Have the conviction that it is truly¬†in the best interest¬†of both parties for you to be the primary source of leadership throughout the selling cycle.


Better Together

  • Every step along the way requires a mutual agreement and mutual levels of commitment. You cannot force someone to be as committed as you are to the next step(s). However, you can find out if they have reason(s) to be.


Time Counts

  • Your time is unbelievably valuable! Thus, you cannot give it away. Your prospect must earn it.


Breathe for Success

  • Make it a habit to breathe long, slow, and deep throughout the workday to energize yourself, reduce stress, minimize mental noise, and achieve peak performance.

Contact Us

  • Conscious Selling Inc. 855 429 2536 (855 I AWAKEN)